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E. coli from iPhones to faces. 94,000,000 iPhones in America 1/6 has Escherichia coli (poop). E. coli transfers from iPhone poop. Germs. E. coli glass-to-skin 78% transfer rate. We touch phones 150 times per day and when we touch a dirty devices 78% of E. coli transfers. +12 million E. coli Fecal Bacteria transfer to American skin from iPhones per day +377,000,000 wireless devices has more than 49 million to face! How to keep it clean: Fleece 51% efficiency; Microfiber 99% efficiency; Cotton 30% efficiency. "Liquid damage isn't covered under the Apple product warranty of AppleCare Protection Plans". Medical Grade microfibers are antimicrobial and prevent 99.99% of E. coli growth. Learn about Cleaner Tech