Posted by Team PNTHR®

Microfiber vs. Cotton. The smudges and bacteria on your screen are absorbed by polarized microfibers. Polarized hooks +Positive -Negative. + and - charges attract. Silver infused threads poison bacteria. Imagine poisonous ducktape attaching to disgusting bugs... What is the definition of a pathogen? A: a bacterium virus or other microorganism that can cause disease and illness. B: a route used to explain the collective views of generational beliefs in society. C: a Canadian term used to describe someone who hogs pats when they celebrate. The correct answer is A: Pathogens are harmful bacteria like MRSA and have higher mortality rates. Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus has a negative charge like all bacteria. MRSA. Will positively-charged compounds attract pathogens? Yes or No? Yes, microfiber are positively-polarized and use "microscopic hooks" to remove negatively-charged pathogens from your surfaces... Remember? Silver is also positively-charged and used to make microfibers antimicrobial. Our silver compounds combine for optimum positivity to stop E. coli and MRSA growth. The half-life of silver is 418 years! True or False? True. Our silver compounds work for years and last the lifetime of our materials. Follow our washing guidelines to extend the effectiveness of your microfiber cloth!