Posted by Team PNTHR®

Did you know one of the dirtiest things you touch everyday is your mobile device? It's true... Phones are dirtier than toilets and the disgusting germs you share with it transfer onto your face! Clean off your smudges! Our devices are "Trojan Horses" for bacteria because their warmth allows microscopic communities to thrive. Multiple studies indicate there are over 10 times more bacterial cultures on phones than toilets which is a problem. Dermatologists agree your phone is a source of acne. Healthcare workers are the most vulnerable to share pathogens like MRSA from devices. Standard protocols for preventing smartphone cross-contamination need to improve.

Hospitals around the world use microfibers for their superior cleaning capabilities. Our positively-charged microfiber threads combine positively-ionic antimicrobial agents to remove negatively-charged viruses, bacteria, dirt and smudges from your surfaces. Dirty iPhones are a public concern as 1/6 devices has feces. PNTHR® provides smudge-free solutions to this mobile crisis by designing AntiViral™ cases to protect and clean your electronics.