Posted by Team PNTHR®

Phones are 18 times dirtier than toilets! We touch our phones over 150 times per day. 78% of E. coli spreads to our skin. We touch our face 16 times per hour and transfer bacteria. Kids put fingers in their mouth every 3 minutes. The epidemic of dirty electronics has been a public concern for years with many online articles discussing this global mobile crisis. #WarOnGrime PNTHR® hereby declares War on Grime™ to end the mobile crisis of filthy electroncis. Memebrs of our pack shall dominate this War against comtaminated mobile devices. Our public representatives in various fields will perform their respective duties to their fullest ability. Our vigilant team must unite with collective strength to conquer these declarations of War. Declaration #1 Design Cleaner Tech® accessories to protect and freshen electronics. Declaration #2 Engineer Fresh Tech™ materials to solve E. coli and MRSA growth issues. Declaration #3 Use AntiViral™ therapeutic wipes to wash devices and pass warranty rules. We rely upon the loyalty of all our members to accomplish the will of these declarations. Carry forward and pursue the source of this filthy War.