PNTHR® Cleaner Tech™ Panther iPhone Cases. AntiViral™ design! The #WarOnGrime has been declared and we need help recruiting people to eliminate all our smudgy screens! Filthy electronics have been a public concern for many years but the time has come to end this international mobile crisis. The cross-contamination of bacteria from iPhones to your skin has been stylishly solved for you! Medical Grade™ accessories engineered to stop 99.99% of E. coli and MRSA growth on materials! 3 defensive layers protect your iPhone and clean with the soft microfiber interior on-the-go. Our brand embodies strength and simplicity inspired by how cats clean themselves like microfiber cloth. The logo symbolizes a cat nose used to identify when something is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Representing the structure of 3 protective layers, we will be your #1 mobile electronic companion! How To Clean: Step 1) Remove; Step 2) Flip; Step 3) Press; Step 4) Slide.

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